Coucou Suzette Dog Socks

What would we do without our favorite pets? Here is a selection of sheer socks, pins and hair claws to put our furry best friends under the spotlights.

First we have our beloved dogs, whose family is getting bigger and bigger! The Bernese Mountain Dog used to be the main inspiration for Coucou Suzette, but now there are so many more doggos decorating our accessories: Dalmatians, Shibas, Bulldogs, Bichons, Pugs, Chihuahuas… And the unmistakable Dachshund we can't get tired of!

Soft cotton socks, made of Italian organic cotton certified OEKO-TEX®️ and made in France, nothing less.

We want the best for our little feet. We love how comfy they are, but we are mostly obsessed with their creative patterns, whether they are tasty, fun, cute or sometimes naughty. Everything you need to spice up your sock drawer!

CompositionsOeko-Tex Cotton 72%, Polyamide 27%, Elastane 1%SizeOne Size (US: 4 to 10,5 / UK: 2,5 to 9 / FR: 35 to 44)

Wash inside out.

Shiba This dog from Japan has a malicious look and an old soul at the same time. But we can’t resist it with its curved tail and its bright personality.
ChihuahuaCute lilac socks covered in Chihuahuas! This tiny dog can be very shaky, and just like us, it doesn’t mind a comfy jumper when the temperatures get low… These soft cotton socks - made in France - will keep us warm for sure!
BichonLight green cotton socks with a cute pack of little Bichons. With their eyes closed for the good ones, and with their tongues out for those who can’t wait to go out! Let’s go roll in the dirt of the dog park, and make our owners desperate about the bath they will have to give once home.
Jack RusselOriginal turquoise cotton socks, made in France and covered with cute Jack Russels. This small dog has a nice brown and white coat, and most of the time, adorable spots around the eyes to make their gaze even more irresistible. Hard to say no to this one, especially when they are looking at us like that!
CorgiThe corgi has probably the cutest walk ever, looking like a bouncing loaf. This one is ready for its daily walk in the park, don’t make it wait!
BulldogThe bulldog, the cutest dog we can take anywhere with us: in our backpack, in our bike’s basket, inside our coat…This one would like us to carry it so it doesn’t have to take the stairs.


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