Coucou Suzette Family Socks

It all starts with a crush… Between two people, or just between an egg and a sperm… Then we have the pregnancy, as magical as exhausting, the meeting between a tiny baby and their parents, and maybe between a hungry mouth and a breast.

Whether we want to have a baby alone, with a dad or with another mom, a baby’s arrival should always be celebrated with fun and colorful accessories!

Socks for babies and parents, fun holographic postcards, cute pins: lots of original creations to tell the good news to the soon-to-be dads, moms, grandmas… Or to show up to your friend’s baby shower with the best gift!

Soft cotton socks, made of Italian organic cotton certified OEKO-TEX®️ and made in France, nothing less.

We want the best for our little feet. We love how comfy they are, but we are mostly obsessed with their creative patterns, whether they are tasty, fun, cute or sometimes naughty. Everything you need to spice up your sock drawer!

CompositionsOeko-Tex Cotton 72%, Polyamide 27%, Elastane 1%SizeOne Size (US: 4 to 10,5 / UK: 2,5 to 9 / FR: 35 to 44)

Wash inside out.

StorkYour delivery is on its way! These pretty storks have a very precious package for you. An original gift for a baby shower, or a funny way to tell the future grandmas the good news! Our cotton socks are for women & men, so they can fit anyone. This pair will be perfect for your partner… Or for yourself!  Green patterned socks, OEKO-TEX® Italian cotton, made in France

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