Coucou Suzette Kids Socks

Kids also have their Coucou Suzette socks! Made in France and of Italian organic cotton certified OEKO-TEX®️ for comfy and warm feet.

Psst: several of our kid socks are also available in adult size, so you can create some adorable matchy-matchy looks that will make everyone's heart melt!

Size: US 2,5 to 4,5 / UK 2 to 3,5 (3 months - 1 year old), so you can dress like your baby!

Wash inside out.

Skating Rabbit: A cool skating rabbit, ears in the wind, ready to make the show at the skatepark! Funky patterns are not just for grown-ups, we thought about the little ones too ;) With their yellow and pinks tones, these unisex socks with cute rabbits should please the whole family.
CorgiLittle plump Corgis to decorate the tiny feet of your baby! Here at Coucou Suzette, we are crazy in love with all animals, and of course we couldn’t help but melt at the sight of this short-legged dog, who can shake their booty almost better than Rihanna.
Bichon: A pair of creative baby socks with a cute Bichon pattern and a sea green background. We love this adorable dog, looking like a soft pillow. Just what you need to keep the tiny feet of your baby warm and super comfy.
Bulldog: Adorable baby patterned socks covered in French Bulldog, a cutie with such a funny face, often with black and white spots, and who won’t leave our side… They follow us literally everywhere!
Cute BabyWe can’t get tired of patterns adapting to socks’ shape! First it was the belly of pregnant women, now it’s time for their mini-me’s diaper to adjust to the heel.
Eye:  The Eye socks, one of the best-sellers of the brand… Now available for babies!!

Comfy and creative baby socks, to keep your baby’s feet warm with style.

Milk: Finally, here they are! The very very first Coucou Suzette socks… For babies! All your newborn do is eat and sleep? Now here are some girls and boys baby socks paying tribute to their favorite activity: breastfeeding! And during nap time, we can be sure their tiny little feet are kept warm in a comfy, soft OEKO-TEX® Italian cotton, with original design.

Showering ElephantHard to make your kid go to the bath? This little elephant with perfect hygiene will give them a good example! Let’s scrub properly and give a hand (a trunk!) to our friends for a rinse.

HeartPlenty of little red hearts so our little ones always feel loved! Cute patterned socks on a pretty creme background, for both girls and boys!

Pigs in Love: Plump little pigs cuddling with their snouts. We can’t resist this adorable love story, as well as their curly tails!

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