Coucou Suzette Confetti Hair Clip

Diamond: A creative hair clip shaped as a beautiful turquoise diamond. In the Coucou Suzette team, we love to play with this kind of graphic accessories: we wear them by two or three in our hair or clip them on our outfit as if they were little pieces of jewelry.

4.3cm x 2.6cm 2.9g

Rectangle: A rectangle hair clip with a beautiful purple color to create the vintage looks we are obsessed with. We love wearing them by two like in the 90’s, clipped on each side of the head to recreate the hairstyles of our favorite teenage shows.


3.5cm x 2.1cm 3.7g

TriangleA pretty bright orange triangle to hold our baby hair and have fun styling it. We recommend wearing this hair clip with other confetti clips (round, rectangle, square, half-round, diamond) for unusual graphic looks.

3.7cm x 3.6cm 3.3g

SquareAn adorable hair clip shaped as a pretty emerald green square. We are obsessed with this unusual accessory, simple but atypical at the same time! This graphic hair clip will fit the little ones as well as the grown-ups, perfect for any type of hair.

3cm x 3cm 4.1g

Half RoundAn adorable hair clip shaped as a light yellow half-moon. This accessory with a vintage vibe goes perfectly with a round pink hair clip or a turquoise diamond one for example. Pretty confettis to add to our hairstyles for retro and colorful looks.

3.7cm x 1.9cm 2.8g

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