Coucou Suzette Veggie Kitchen Hair Claw

Iridescent and colorful hair claws for original hairstyles in no time!

Perfect for lazy mornings when you don’t feel like doing your hair, or just to add a touch of fun to basic buns.

We made different sizes and teeth so every type of hair can find their dream accessory!

Winter is almost over, Spring is coming, the Fruits & Vegetables section of the supermarket is getting more and more colorful… It’s the perfect timing for a tasty collection full of vitamins!

On the menu: cute plump strawberries, sour lemons, graphic leeks, regressive cherries, crunchy radish and carrots, and creamy avocados!

Basically everything we need to get our outfits out of hibernation and wake them up with punchy and bright colors! A much needed shot of vitamins :)

Grape: A beautiful hair claw shaped as a bunch of grapes, in iridescent lilac and green tones. We are in love with the romantic and vintage look of this fruity hair jewel, covered in details engraved with golden ink! 

8cm x 4.5cm 25g

PearA beautiful pear, ripe and juicy, to hold your hair up on very hot days! We love the spotted acetate matter, full of shades and copying perfectly the skin of this delicious fruit. The pretty yellow green color had been custom-made especially for this hair claw! It has metal claws, perfect to hold thin hair.

8cm x 4.5cm 26.2g

Orange: A hair claw shaped as a tasty orange wedge full of vitamins! We love the sparkling and vibrant color of this citrus accessory that reminds us of hot summers in Southern Europe… A good touch of vitamin C for our spring looks!

7cm x 3.9cm 22.5g

Lemon: A nice lemon on the top of your head, or clipped at the handle of your straw bag for a back-from-the-beach look!We love the little green leaf and the golden details that give some extra punch to this citrus, already sour enough!The perfect colorful accessory for no-brainer yet cool hairstyles!This hair claw is made in partnership with the French brand Bocage.

7cm x 4.5cm 19.7g

LEEK: A gorgeous green and white hair claw, shaped as a leek, what else? Forget about the old overstretched hair tie at the bottom of your purse, and swap it with this kitsch pearly jewel covered in vintage golden details, for creative hairstyles all summer long!

11cm x 3.2cm 21.9g

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