Coucou Suzette Veggie Kitchen Hair Clip


Small hair clips in iridescent acetate with golden “crocodile” teeth to hold properly any piece of hair.

Either you need to tame some baby hair, maintain a rebellious strand that won’t stay behind your ear, or just add a touch of color and originality to your basic dos…

Have fun with these little clips!

Winter is almost over, Spring is coming, the Fruits & Vegetables section of the supermarket is getting more and more colorful… It’s the perfect timing for a tasty collection full of vitamins!

On the menu: cute plump strawberries, sour lemons, graphic leeks, regressive cherries, crunchy radish and carrots, and creamy avocados!

Basically everything we need to get our outfits out of hibernation and wake them up with punchy and bright colors! A much needed shot of vitamins :)

BananaOh! Here is the cutest creative little hair clip, shaped as a banana! We love its tiny Coucou Suzette blue label and the cellulose acetate material, glamorous and pop, giving this cute jewel countless yellow shades. The dose of potassium and color that our outfit of the day was missing!

4.5cm x 1.5cm 4g

LemonAn adorable little hair clip shaped as a bright yellow lemon wedge. A very handy accessory to hold the rebellious strands that won’t behave, or to upgrade a basic ponytail. A zest of color and sourness to pimp any look!

3.5cm x 2cm 4.3g

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