Coucou Suzette Veggie Kitchen MINI Hair Claw

Winter is almost over, Spring is coming, the Fruits & Vegetables section of the supermarket is getting more and more colorful… It’s the perfect timing for a tasty collection full of vitamins!

On the menu: cute plump strawberries, sour lemons, graphic leeks, regressive cherries, crunchy radish and carrots, and creamy avocados!

Basically everything we need to get our outfits out of hibernation and wake them up with punchy and bright colors! A much needed shot of vitamins :)

Strawberry: Here is a brand new size of hair claw, imagined for everyone: thick hair, short hair, thin hair, kids, grown-ups! We hope you like this red strawberry-shaped mini hair claw as much as we enjoyed creating it! A very handy accessory you can carry everywhere to always keep control of your hair.

3cm x 3.2cm 6.4g

LemonHere is a mini lemon that will make long and short hair happy, no matter its size! The tiny claws can grip any bun and hold any rebellious stand. We love the flashy yellow color, for a much needed touch of vitamin to pimp our looks!

3.5cm x 3.5cm 6.5g

GrapeA mini hair claw shaped as a bunch of purple grapes, with a cute green fig leaf and pretty golden details that make this accessory look like a true little jewel! This mini claw is a new size created for short hair (well-known to be all over the place), as well as long mane. A very handy clip to add a colorful and sweet touch to all of your hair styles!

3.5cm x 3.8cm 6.6g

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